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"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day; while failure is simply a few errors in judgment, repeated every day. It is the accumulative weight of our disciplines and our judgments that leads us to either fortune or failure.” - Jim Rohn


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Commissioning needs professionals. That is a fact!      Deutschland

The project engineer is doing a good work on the project as long as it is still in the planning phase in the company. He configures, creates software and coordinates. The  entire infrastructure of the company is at his disposal.

At the construction site, however, the world is completely different.

The available infrastructure is almost extremly restricted . You have to do everything only with "onboard tools" during commissioning. And who has never seen bursting a pneumatic valve in India, which had to be repaired quickly or procured.

Additional pressure from the customers comes up because he wants to produce as soon as possible and better yesterday than tomorrow. Many things on the site are not matching as they were planned, because the customer didn't define his requirements precisely enough or sometimes even wrong. Moreover, from the customer's side  extra requirements come up, which were expected neither technically nor in the calculations.

In order to solve everything   you might need on site: 

         an instrumentation commissioner 
         a coordinator
         an electrician
         a programmer
         an engineer
         a mechanic
         a designer
         and sometimes even a psychologist   or a counselor

No company can afford that?

Yes, they can! With an experienced professional commissioning-engineer a company can send all those features with one person to the site for commissioning.

Be the best with a professional and experienced commissioning-engineer



Available from:   On request

Where:                 Worldwide

Exceptions:          Nigeria, Iraq

Current projects:

Project-management BMW, Shenyang/China

Last recent projects:

Project-management Volkswagen

Project-management BMW

Project-management Audi











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